Never Knew Middle School Basketball Was So Popular Huh?

Neither did we, or most parents coaches and players that are currently involved with the Middle School Basketball process! The term Middle School Basketball is searched over 90,000 times a month!

Because of increased interest of youth wanting to have fun and compete playing basketball, everyday more camps, rankings, tournaments, and aau teams are created.

Youth basketball is no longer just your typical CYO basketball or town run league, it is played all year round. This can be a very fun but a draining process if your not prepared. Below we've briefly outlined events based on the time of year.


During the beginning of the school year, fall town travel basketball leagues and aau tournaments usually rule in most parts of the country. Yout time commitement and monies available should be one considered heavily in you decision on where u play in the fall.

Need to Compare and Contrast Fall AAU teams and Town travel teams?


During the winter is when most actual school seasons start and depending on where you attend it may or may not be competitive. Most serious players will continue to play aau basketball in the winter and usually travel to neighboring city's and states.

Winter Aau is more competitive then fall aau for the most part and is where you will begin to see some of the nations best aau teams and middle school players. Most recruiting sites will be out focusing on young kids at this time because high school basketball players will be getting ready for there seasons.

YES i did say Recruiting and middle school in the same sentence!

In basketball, players are considered recruitable in 8th grade by MOST colleges but they may know who you are even before that!

Find out why they start so young and if its a good or bad idea for you HERE.


Spring is a little more refreshing but just as hectic for middle school basketball. Spring Aau season will have you traveling much more and playing 1 - 3 weekends a month. Spring is when teams and players will be competing for bids to national tournaments, camps and showcases for the summer.

There will be many "elite" and "top 100" showcases to attend. These camps can be great for three things..

1. Competition (good showcases should have a mixture or talent)

2. Exposure (Top AAU coaches, High school coaches, and Recruiters usually attend these showcase events)

3. FUN! Many new friends from all different backgrounds and walks of life are joined.

Some Recruiters may "Rank" youth players, take a look at some of the more popular ones HERE.Don't get too excited a lot can change by the time high school basketball starts.


Since school is out this is when the a large percent of the best middle school basketball camps and tournaments are held.Your team may have qualified for a chance to compete at a national aau or some other tournament depending on how you performed in spring.

Here are a list of some of the best basketball camps we found.

Camps and Showcases are great places for youth players to learn new basketball drills, skill and exercises.

There is a lot to decide if your new or seasoned to basketball camps, for instance, should you go to a day camp or overnight camp? Local or national camps?

Most camps are based on a first come first served methods while some are Invitation only.

So where do you fit in to all of this? well it depends are you a PLAYER ,PARENT or COACH?

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